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The only web site devoted exclusively to supplying custom-manufactured replacement RGP (rigid gas permeable/ oxygen permeable) contact lenses of all designs to individuals with valid prescriptions; hard lenses (PMMA) are also available.

RGP Lens Company utilizes a national network of lens laboratories having access to most materials and lens designs available in the United States. These lens designs include, but are not limited to: spherical, toric, bitoric, keratoconus, bifocal and post surgical lenses.

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Quick and Easy
You may place your emergency replacement lens orders with us 24-7 by e-mail , fax or phone

We process payments using PayPal, the 'Safe and Easy Way' to pay online. You will be able to pay with an existing PayPal account or a credit card. There is No Requirement for you to have a PayPal account.

As an alternative, you may send a money order for the amount of your order. Call for details.

Once you are in our data files and your prescription is current, you may re-order either by:
E-mail: management@rgplens.com
Fax And Voice: 1-800-552-2785

Because of our low prices, it is not necessary for you to purchase lens insurance to protect yourself against the high costs associated with the replacement of broken or lost lenses.
There are NO Membership or Club Fees, NO Hidden Charges, NO Surcharges, and NO Registration and Password Requirements.
And, Best of All, the LOW PRICE you pay is only for the lens(es) and shipping and handling costs.

Home | About You |Pricing Information | FAQ | Order Form | Warranty

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